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Fuel Stops in Ontario

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I am going to be trailering to a horse show in Ontario, CANADA next weekend. I am trying to locate some reputable fuel vendors in the Great White North. Any suggestions? Travelling from Ann Arbor, MI to Collingwood, Ontario. I will be sticking to the major highways through London and then head North through Guelph etc. Any suggestions from the Canucks on these forums would be greatly appreciated.
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Have a look at They have a center in London. Any Husky truck stop will give you good fuel. There are lots of them up here. If you are on the main highways, there are ample fuel stops.
It has been a while since I have been in that area as well, but I would assume you will be traveling up the 401 to 400 through Barrie to get to collingwood. I wouldn't worry about fuel (other than the price)for your route. Shell also has service centers up here that will work for you. Hope this helps. Just bring money, we'll take it!
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