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Fuel Stops in Ontario

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I am going to be trailering to a horse show in Ontario, CANADA next weekend. I am trying to locate some reputable fuel vendors in the Great White North. Any suggestions? Travelling from Ann Arbor, MI to Collingwood, Ontario. I will be sticking to the major highways through London and then head North through Guelph etc. Any suggestions from the Canucks on these forums would be greatly appreciated.
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I filled up at the Husky last week, on my way to Barrie, it's on Hwy 400 at Exit 64A, Simco Rd. 88. You can get deisel & gas and exchange 20lb propane tanks, can't get propane refills.

When I'm down at Delaware Speedway (just outside of London Ontario), I fill up at the Flying J in London all the time, fill propane tanks there and they have a dump stantion. My wife an I have stayed there overnight a few times as well, they have RV parking.

There's also a 5th Wheel Truck Stop in Milton (Hwy 25 & 401) on the south side of Hwy 401.

There's a couple of Service Centers on Hwy 400 too both North & Southbound, one at the bottom, just north of Toronto and another in Barrie. I prefer the Husky, lots of truckers use that one!

There's 2 or 3 Service Centers on Hwy 401 between the border and Hwy 6 too, and there's a 5th Wheel & a Husky just west of London too but the Flying J is the best, if you need propane or to dump your tanks. There's the Blue Beacon truck wash at the 5th Wheel in Dorchester too.

Hope this helps, email me if you'd like any more info in this area, we travel these roads almost evey weekend from race to race! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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