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Fuel Tank Gasket

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Once again, I had to replace my float in my fuel tank. The brass ones just don't hold up and its always in the same forward tank? Anyway, after assembling and reinstalling the tank, I now have a leak coming from the top of the tank Evidently the rubber gasket rolled over or I tightened it down too much. So again, I'm faced with this task Any thoughts appreciated.

For what it's worth, new floats can be purchased on Amazon both in brass and plastic. I'm going to try the plastic this time even though they are made in Taiwan but they do have good reviews.Thank you for any responses.
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It is a flat rubber gasket and is held in place by a metal ring that has high ridges on it. I don't know their purpose. The fingers that hold it in place are metal and somewhat of a spoon shape. When I reassembled I wasn't sure if the fingers should go between the ridges or on top of them. I did the between but now I am wondering if the inverted spoons should go on top of the ridges vs. what I did. I can't find any pictures of this install. This is also a poly tank using their parts but again it never leaked before when I did it a second time. I definitely will have to do it over again but this time, I want to eliminate any doubt. Thanks.
OK! I found some new information from the manufacture on the tank and they have clarified my questions. For those of you who tried to help, Thank you.
I'll get back to you on this. First thing is I have to drain the tank and drive out the diff. According to the reviews on the plastic float, they are good. Ck. out and search for fuel floats to read about them. Omix-Ada 17729.01 Fuel Tank Plastic Float
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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