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What Bill Clinton did was to screw a young woman who was eager to get closer to the seat of power and who had a very strong libido. Millions of men have done that. The latest reliable statistics on the subject show that 3 out 4 men have done the same. Even Hyde the Chairman of the committee was guilty of the same thing at the same age. He didn't resign from politics.

Larry Flint is not my idea of an admirable person, but he is a realist. He got the goods on at least a dozen of the same people who were intent on bringing down Clinton. That was when the attack changed from sex to perjury. Even Newt Gingrich has shown his true colors since he stepped out of active politics.

Politics can be dirty, but I believe that a responsible forum has to place limits on the amount of dirt it will allow. Saying that the general public has to be careful for it's daughters chastity when Bill Clinton is around is absurd, and can hardly be described as not dirt. Bill Clinton, and any public person could spend is entire time answering these kind of attacks, because they are endless. He depends on his supporters to defend him, and he is defendable. I believe his sexual life no matter what it may be is his own affair so long as it does not bring harm to those he may be involved with. The questions he was asked and for which he was accused of perjury should never have been asked in the first place. Almost all of us refuse to answer such questions. He was not elected for his sexual life, he was elected for his skill as a politician, administrator and diplomat. In that he has served the country well. His sexual life should not be an issue any more than his religion. It was made an issue in an attempt to bring him down.

As for the gun thing. I personally own a shot gun and carry it in my trailer when travelling. I do not belong to the NRA. because they seem to attract a high percentage of extremists who, as I said in my e-mail, do not stop at guns. It is no coincidence that some of the views on segments of society expressed by posters in the "other Forum" are also inordinately proud of their NRA membership. As one poster said, every organization collects it's extremist fringe. My complaint is that the other Forum was being taken over by that fringe. That's why Jason stepped in. There are some of them who are smart enough to still be able to express their extremist point of view, as the description of the boater going up and down the coast with an insulting banner shows. On the face of it, the poster was just reporting the news, but we know better than that. Even Journalists draw the line. The exact quotation from the post was a Hispanic, Black Jewish person. She is obviously not black. She attends an Episcopal church, and she like many of us probably have some Hispanic blood in us along with a lot of others we may or may not want to acknowledge.

I believe the Moderator must try to stand aside from Political and Social debate. If he doesn't, he becomes part of it, and his Moderator roll is suspect. Involvement in technical debate only involves that technical issue, outside of that he has stepped among the debaters.

I admit my use of the racist terms for racial identities was harsh, but it was done to point out the directional trend of the racists and bigots of the gun group, in their language. I think any member of the racial and religious groups I mentioned would have no trouble in recognizing that.

It would be interesting to make a survey of how many posts are made in the technical forums by those who post most in the Other forum. I suspect that their posts in technical forums would be below average. This is far from the first time I have encountered this. They proliferate throughout the newsgroups. As I said before, just don't let them get a toe hold in this forum. They almost did.

As for the term "Liberal", it has almost become a derogatory term. McArthy wore out the term Communist, so now it has become Liberal i.e. anything left of right!.

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