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5 months ago i brought a f250 7.3 2000 model the car i always wanted and to take a trip around australia but im having problems with the 4r100 transmission that was rebuilt before i purchased the truck

THE PROBLEM and checks
Truck taking of in 3rd can manual select 2nd but not 1st

Getting Codes P0715 , P0717 changed turbine speed sensor checked wiring to pcm all ok codes still comming up

put truck on scanner and found TSS reading when manualy in 2nd but not in park neutral or drive

removed PTO cover to check gear turning that the TSS reads from with the truck up on stands the gear only turns in 2nd when in park neutral or drive it is stopped verifing what the scanner is seeing
the scanner also see the gear changes but the transmisson is not changing

could anyone please help or give me some insight

thanks in advance from down under
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