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I wouldn't put too much trust in those "miles until empty" numbers. They are seldom accurate. We had a customer bring his new F350 in for a complaint that would require test driving it to determine that source of the problem but the customer only had about 1/8 tank of fuel when he left it at the dealership. The technician got in it, realized how low it was on fuel and noted on the repair order that he could not test drive it due to insufficient fuel. The customer came in and was angry that his truck was not worked on. We explained that a technician that is paid $25.00 an hour can not take time away from working to go to the diesel station that is 5 miles away (in city traffic) or take a chance on running the vehicle out of fuel. The owner pointed out that his "miles until empty" message showed he had 34 miles before it would run out of fuel. We explained that they were not entirely accurate but he left in a huff. He called about 15 minutes later REALLY mad because it ran out of fuel before he made it to the gas station.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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