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Gas gauge and Miles to Empty

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My low fuel light has been coming on when the trip meter says I have used 25 gallons of gas and the gas gauge reads about 1/8 of a tank. The miles to empty says about 40, but isn't counting down mile for mile as I drive.

When I have filled up, I have put in about the same amount as the trip meter says I have used.

I thought this truck was supposed to have a 35 gallon tank? There can't be 10 gallons of "reserve" can there?

I have only filled it up a few times since I only have 1000 miles. Is there some kind of self-calibration the system needs to go through with more use?

Is mine normal compared to the other trucks? I have a dealer appointment for Monday hoping they will find the computer is programmed for the wrong tank size or something like that.

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I should also reference when said work had to be done, they had to replace the battery. Is there a chance they didn’t reset the BMS and it’s causing the gas gauge to somehow read wrong?
As a point of interest, I bought a '13 Ford Escape new from the dealer, and the low fuel light would come on very early. There was a Tech Bulletin that Ford put out to adjust it and change the display options, so the low fuel light and chime came on much later. IIRC it has a 15 gallon tank, and if I wait till the light comes on it will take a touch over 12 gallons. Before the adjustment, it rarely took over 10 gallons with the light on, which was pretty annoying.
Don't know if that would have applied to the SuperDuty trucks as well. But worth asking a dealer about it.
I agree. And usually I do. But at this point, I would be filling up every 200 miles only burning 16gallons on what should be a 35gallon tank going between 425-450miles depending on MPG
A couple of ideas maybe worth thinking about.

!. Yes, agree with klhansen. Maybe a dealer can reset the fuel gauge so it is a little more accurate.

2. Buy a bigger fuel tank.

3. Buy a transfer tank.

4. Carry a five gallon can of fuel so that you can add a little to the tank and go a few more miles.

5. Carry a tow strap so that you can run it as close to empty as possible, then try to get someone to tow you to the nearest station if you run out.

6. When you fill up, wait a few seconds after it stops to let the foam go down, then top up again. Repeat a few times to try to get as much fuel as possible into the tank.
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