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1997 F350 7.3 with Dual fuel tanks. Is there a way to get the fuel gauge to stop going the E everytime you make a quick or sharp turn and the fuel moves in the tanks? It isn't really a big problem, just extremely annoying!
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This photo album shows how to fix a gasser - I think diesels use the same sender:
Only RV chassis got the anti-slosh module; on all other trucks, it's just the gauge & the sender, as that album shows. The only thing that slows the needle down is the silicone grease inside the gauge movement.
Either way Steve it's the gauge.
How many bad fuel gauges have you found on these trucks? I've worked on hundreds, and I have probably a dozen clusters in a box right now, and I've come across one bad fuel gauge head. On most others, it was the SENDER. On a few, it was the gauge face adhesive letting go enough to interfere with the needle's movement.
Hard to say when the senders actually failed; but in MANY, I've found both senders bad at one time. I've also found many dash switches bad, which affects both tanks. And I've found many instrument cluster connectors with enough corrosion to interfere with the gauge, which affects both tanks.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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