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gearbox R&R help 1999 F350

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does anyone know the correct way to remove and install a gearbox on a 99 f350. any tips would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
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Assuming you mean the ZF 6-speed manual tranny, here are the words from the workshop manual to remove it. But there are lots of pretty pictures and illustrations in the manual that won't copy over to TheDieselStop.

workshop manual said:
1999 F-Super Duty 250-550 Workshop Manual
SECTION 308-03B: Manual Transaxle/Transmission — ZF 6-Speed




Special Tool(s) Transmission Jack

All vehicles

1. Remove the four screws and the outer shift lever boot.

2. Remove the upper gearshift lever.

3. Remove the lower shift lever boot.

4. Remove the lower gearshift and shift housing.

Vehicles with a manual transfer case shift lever

5. Shift the transfer case into 4H.

6. Remove the screws that attach the bezel and boot assembly to the floor.

7. Remove the bolt that attaches the shift lever to the transfer case control lever assembly, and remove the shift lever, and the bezel and boot assembly.
..Slide the bezel and boot assembly upward on the shift lever.
.. Remove the bolt, the shift lever, and the bezel and boot assembly.

All vehicles

8. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02 .

9. If the transmission is being disassembled, drain the transmission fluid.

10. Remove the starter. For additional information, refer to Section 303-06B .

11. Disconnect the rear driveshaft and position it aside. For additional information, refer to Section 205-01 .

12 Remove the transfer case, if equipped. For additional information, refer to Section 308-07B .

13.Remove any power take-off (PTO) equipment, if equipped.

14.Using the special tool, support the transmission.
.. Securely strap the jack to the transmission.

15. Remove the transmission mount nuts.

16. Remove the RH crossmember nuts.

17. Remove the LH crossmember bolts.

18. Disconnect the reverse lamp switch electrical connector.

19. Disconnect wiring harness from the transmission.

20. Remove the clutch slave cylinder and position it aside.
..Push the clutch slave cylinder inward, then rotate counterclockwise 45 degrees to remove.

21. Disconnect the transmission cooling tubes.

22. Remove the dust cover bolts.

23. Remove the transmission-to-engine bolts.
..For vehicles equipped with diesel engines, remove six bolts.

24.Remove the transmission.
..Move the transmission rearward until the input shaft is clear of the clutch, then lower from the vehicle.
There are a couple of gotchas in removing the transfer case, so I'll included the words from that section too:

workshop manual said:
1999 F-Super Duty 250-550 Workshop Manual
SECTION 308-07B: Transfer Case

Transfer Case

Item................................................. Specification
Metal Surface Cleaner F4AZ-19A536-RA WSE-M5B392-A

All vehicles

NOTE: Shift the transfer case to 2W HI.

Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02 .

Remove the four bolts and the skid plate, if equipped.

NOTE: Index-mark the driveshaft to maintain driveline balance.

Remove the rear driveshaft. For additional information, refer to Section 205-01 .

Index-mark the front driveshaft to the transfer case flange.

NOTE: Support the front driveshaft with wire or a strap.

Remove and discard the four bolts and position the front driveshaft aside.

Manual shift transfer case

Remove the manual shift linkage, if equipped.

Disconnect the switch electrical connector. Position the wire harness aside.

All transfer cases

If disassembly is necessary, drain the fluid into a suitable container.
Install the plug when finished.

Position a suitable high-lift jack under the transfer case and secure it with safety straps.

All vehicles

Remove the six transfer case-to-transmission bolts.

Separate the transfer case from the extension housing. Pull the transfer case rearward, then lower the transfer case from the vehicle.
CAUTION: Carefully clean the gasket surfaces. Nicks and gouges cause fluid leaks.

Remove the transfer case-to-transmission gasket. Clean the mating surfaces, using metal surface cleaner.
Torque specs for the tansfer case. No, I'm not going to spend an hour trying to align the columns. ;)

Torque Specifications - Transfer Case 
Description                                    Nm  lb-ft  
Transfer case control lever assembly bolts      115  85  
Shift lever-to-control lever assembly bolt        28  21  
Sector support                               31  23  
Poppet screw                                 20  15  
Case bolts                                      31  23  
Case bolts at dowel                            24  18  
Front output nut                             223  165  
Rear output nut                              251  186  
Shift lever nut                                 20  15  
Shift motor bolts                              20  15  
Three position indicator switch                       27  20  
Drain and fill plugs                            27  20  
Transfer case mounting bolts                        50  37
I'll try the tranny torque specs without the "code" operator and they won't align at all. But there are 3 colums, so hopefully you can figure which column is which:

Torque Specifications
Description Nm lb-ft lb-in
Transmission output flange lock nut 330 244 —
Shift housing-to-case bolts 23 17 —
PTO cover plate bolts 38 28 —
Idler shaft retention bolt 23 17 —
Shift plate interlock plate bolts 10 — 89
Detent plunger assembly 65 48 —
Engine plate-to-transmission bolts 28 21 —
Backup lamp switch 20 15 —
Upper gearshift lever bolts 28 21 —
Guide tube bolts 23 17 —
Transmission-to-engine bolts 63 46 —
Intermediate housing-to-case bolts 23 17 —
Extension housing-to-case bolts 23 17 —
Fill plug 35 26 —
Drain plug 35 26 —
Transmission fluid cooler tubes 27 20 —
Transmission support crossmember bolts 70 52 —
Transmission mount nuts 81 60 —
Driveshaft-to-transmission flange bolts 102 75 —
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