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Gearing help

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I have a 1997 F-350 ps, DRW, 5-speed, and what I believe to be a 4:10 gear ratio. I tow from 10,000 to 12,000 pounds frequently and really like the low end gears I have. However, upon reaching highway speeds, my tach is showing approx. 2400 rpm. I can also watch my fuel gauge moving to the left. I have considered changing my gear ratio to 3.73 to help with the fuel usage but I'm worried about my ability to get moving in 1st gear. Any ideas on how a change to 3.73 gears would effect my low gears?

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With that weight I would stay with the 4.10's If you looking for that extra overdrive look at a gear venders, or just slow down a bit on the interstate.

I have documented stats that I can make better time over the course of a 1000 mile trip doing 60 v/s 75 while towing. At 60 your using less fuel and can go anywhere from 60-10 miles further on a fill up. That extra millage will more than surpass any distance you did by going 75, but have to stop for fuel sooner.
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