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Can anyone tell me about what parts are needed to replace the wiring for the
glow plugs on my 97 PSD. Is it correct that there are 2 UCVH per head and 2 per
head on the outside as well as the valve cover gaskets that have a plug in them?

What should I expect to pay and what brand as well as a good place to buy them?

Any advise would be appreciated.

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You are correct. There are two UVCH assemblies per head. They plug into feedthrough connectors molded into the valvecover gaskets. The other ends go to the injectors and glowplugs. On the outside the main harness will also plug into the same feedthrough connectors on the gaskets. If the external harness connectors burn or melt, they can be repaired (rather than replace the entire harness which is expensive) in a number of ways. You can get repair kits that have the connector shell pieces for 4 connectors and a pin removal tool. You have to purchase the pins separately. Those come in a crimp style or with a 6 inch wire lead attached. Alternatively, you can get connector pigtails that have the five wires attached and get spliced in. has decent prices on kits for this job. You can also get the parts at International if there is one near you. Here's the parts list:

Under Valve Cover Harness (94-97)
(Ford) F4TZ-9D930-K
(International) 1815923C92
(Napa) 700-2371

Valve Cover External Harness Repair Kits (contains 4 hard shells w/seals, w/o pins)
(Ford) F7TZ-14489-BA (94-96) w/o pins
(Ford) F7TZ-14489-AA (97) w/o pins
(International) 1830829C91 w/o pins
Female Pins, no wire lead (International) 1661875C1
Female Pins, with 6” wire lead (International) 2501055C1
Individual Wire/Pin seals (International) 1661872C1
Pigtail with 5 Wires and Connector (Performance Specialties) 99288

Valve Cover Gasket (94-97)
(Ford) F4TZ-6584-A
(International) 1818350C2
(Napa) FPGVS50483R (too expensive at $79.99 ea last time I checked)

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