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glow plug issue on my dads excursion

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My dads '01 ex has had a check engine light for a couple weeks. Finally got around to pulling the codes and get a glow plug fault code. Shouldve written the number down but i didnt. Anyway he took it to the dealer today for an oil change and had them look at it.

To make a short story long they call him back and say all the glow plugs on the drivers side are bad, almost 900 dollar est. Sounds kinda strange to me, all of them being bad at once. I would think it would be a uvc harness or controller issue? Anyone had the same prob?
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I will have to check it tonight and get the exact code. Yeah I about fell out of my seat when he called and told me what they said! I knew that glow plugs were less than 100 bux for a set, so 800 for labor?
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