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I was exiled my friend but all is good now.

Now, what are you doing now?

You have not had to perform hydraulic dialysis on your 7.3's hydraulic system with a tractor's system lately, have you?
Exiled??? There are some here who would like to exile me.

No, my `95 is running good still, thanks to you. And no on the supplemental oil pressure from the tractor. I'll just buy a scanner next time and all my troubleshooting will be easy from that point forward - lol.

I bought a no-start `96 model a while back for cheap - took 10 minutes to get it started and I drove it home. Been trying to get it up to a reliable state, working on it in-between jobs that actually pay something. The weather is cooler now, so I'm more inclined to wanna get out and gitter-done.
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