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Good Compression test numbers?

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I did a compression test on my 01 with 157k miles the other day.
There was only a or 2% split between all the cylinders, very happy with that. Trying to find some poop on good compression numbers.
I got 380 psi low 385 psi high, I think they are good for a truck with this kind of mileage. Can some one confirm this? Also is there a good article or old post about this subject. I can't figure our search engine on this sight to save my life. Thanks
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just for a quick example. we have a 4-53 detroit diesel in the lab here that we do firing compression with. these engines have been beat on and tooled on by kids that have never turned a wrench before. they all run around 600# firing compression.

and a 4-53 detroit is very similar in bore/stroke to a 444e

[/ QUOTE ]

I am sure the detroit has a different compression ratio so not real sure that you're talking apples to apples.

I've always heard anywhere around 400 psi is pretty average on the 7.3's

On edit be careful about doing wet compression tests or you might be digging pieces of the compression guage out from the back of your eye sockets.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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