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Good Compression test numbers?

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I did a compression test on my 01 with 157k miles the other day.
There was only a or 2% split between all the cylinders, very happy with that. Trying to find some poop on good compression numbers.
I got 380 psi low 385 psi high, I think they are good for a truck with this kind of mileage. Can some one confirm this? Also is there a good article or old post about this subject. I can't figure our search engine on this sight to save my life. Thanks
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Thanks for the reply dieselmech50s.
You said a 25% drop is mild dusting or dusted period?
At 25% drop that puts engine compression at 310 psi. Can 310 psi support combustion? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
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Thanks MMADieselTech, 3.5hrs after I parked it, I did the first cylinder which was #2. Which I did twice because of lower reading then the others. My first go around it read 375, after I did them all I went back to #2 cylinder and gauge read between 380-385. Lets call it a difference, between a wet and dry cylinder walls, sound right?
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