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Good mechanic in Alaska?

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I am still wrestling with an large oil leak, and I cant figure out where it is coming from. I am going to break down and take it in to someone who knows where to go from here, but I dont know of any good diesel mechanics in AK near Anchorage. I saw an ad for "Powerstroke Alaska" Any one dealt with them? I am tempted to take it to them rather than Advanced Diesel or even Cummins NW (will they even work on an International PSD?) because Powerstroke Alaska appearently only works on PSDs. Thanks for any advice.
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Yeah, actually I live in Eagle River... thanks. I will try to get in touch with him.
One reason why Alaskan trucks might be in such bad shape...

One reason we have so many beat-up PSD's up here is that the oil companies all use 1 ton ford PSD's and have for years. In Prudhoe Bay (where all of the oil comes from) there is a Ford warranty center and not much else (to put that in perspective, I really mean that there is a post office and a ford warranty center, everything else is owned by the oil companies). All of the trucks are the same to make it easy to repair/replace, and because the PSD's seem to hold up to the harsh weather the best. 50 below is common up there in the winter, and I dont shut my truck off at work for weeks at a time. The roads are rough, the employees drive the heck out of them, and they arent always maintained the best. So anyways, the oil compaines (mainly BP) surplus the trucks as they replace the fleet and good prices can be found. We call Prudhoe Bay the North Slope, hence "slope trucks" and they are usually in pretty bad shape. WARNING: If you are shopping for PSD's in Alaska and you find on the CARFAX that it has ever been registered in Deadhorse, or Prudhoe Bay Alaska, it has been driven very hard. Another dead giveaway is that they usually have ghosts from ID numbers on the fenders, or that they are ugly "BP Green"

Maybe you were just kidding when you asked what the deal was with trucks up here being in bad shape, but this might be one reason.
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All is well with the oil leak. Thanks Jim.
Ahh Heck... I thought it was all fixed, but I had just cleaned it up enough for it not to drip for a while. Luckilly Jim hooked me up with another turbo to slap on and see if it helps. I couldn't find any cracks in the pedistal, and I gutted and plugged the EBPV just in case. I'm gonna be good at pullin that thing off pretty soon. You all were right, jim is great. He has helped me out a ton. I thought it was cool when he took time out of his day to help me diagnose my problem, but when he handed me a complete turbo out of his shop, and told me if it fixes the problem I can buy it from him.... I was a pretty happy guy. I know where I will be buying all of my mods from now on.
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