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Had guy ask online if we had a list of all the features of the Infinity in one document so he could research and compare it to other units.

Infinity DX in all its glory

-Screen size (4.3")
-Number of pids (depends on vehicle: usually 200-350)
-Number of pids on the screen at one time and read
-Audible and visual notifications
-Open source screen layouts and alerts
-Datalog speed and start buffer (25-68 readings per second depending on what is being logged)(log starts 15-30 seconds before pushing button so nothing is missed)
-Removable memory card (included with purchase of Infinity)
-Datalogs can be viewed on Mac, Windows, Android, & Apple
-Custom tune support
-Email tune support for Mac,Windows, Androis OSD, Apple OS
-Cei hub (8 additional sensors, dual EGT, and chip switching)
-Custom formulas (ex. E99 and OBS trans temp)
-Screen sleep to prevent boot up
-Auto dim/brightness
-Multiple mounting solutions
-Enhanced Ford and GM
-GM Volt
-Ford UDS
-Generic OBD
-2 external analog inputs with serial cable
-Multiple vehicle profiles (7.3, 6.0, 6.7, EcoBoost)
-Metric support
-Custom startup screen
-Custom splash screen
-0-60 times
-Quarter and 1/8 mile
-Log setup for screen signals and global signals
-Check/clear codes
-KOER, buzz, glow plug, KOEO, cyl bal
-Log to CSV, Leitronix, LogWorks
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