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GP resistance?

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I have four semi-cooked UVCH connectors.

I've been smelling them burning off and on for the past three days, and the smell seemed to be sync'd with the volt meter jumping in response to the gp relay circuit timing out.

Now I have a CEL and running on 6 cylinders max. I suspect my UCVH's are cooked as well - will know more tomorrow :)

Anyone know what the resistance should be on a good glow plug? My gp's are only 2 years old and are motorcraft (which IMHO doesn't mean what it should mean or what it used to mean).

If the contacts on the gp relay are high resistance, can that damage a gp or a UVC harness? My relay is a heavy-duty thing - can't remember the brand, but it's what everyone recommended.

Thanks for any input!
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The reistance of the plugs should be very low, like 0.2 ohm, up to 1 ohm or so. Question of the relay or harness damaging a glowplug is no. Any burn or bad connection causes less current to flow to the plugs. Only way the relay can cause plug damage is if it is stuck in the on position.
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