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GPR fuse link location?

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2002 F250

I have lost power to both my GPR and Plenum heater relays. Truck was no-start in the cold, so first thing I check is voltage at / across my GPR. Normally, one of the big lugs has 12V on it, right? Well both my GPR and my plenum relays no longer have a 12V connection. Dead. Both sides of relay no power.

When I tried a start, I noticed a wisp of smoke come up from the engine, but did not get to see where it was coming from. I'm guessing that my fuse link(s) have given up the ghost. I have not attempted to trace the wires yet. Yes, I know I need to find out why they failed.

Can you tell me :

1) Are both the GPR and Plenum-heat relays fed by the same fuse link?
2) Where are then located?
3) What size (Amp) fuse link are they?
4) I don't have a large crimp tool. Do auto part stores sell crimp / solder lugs that also have heat shrink on them? I've never replaced a fuse link, and seems like a crappy electrical connection will have me doing this again (or worse).


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