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Well hello everybody.

My name is Jonathan Davis I live in kern county CA. I just bought a 1995 f250 xlt 4x4 5 speed 7.3. I picked it up for 4k and the odometer reads 240k. this truck has a long life left and it's currently my daily driver that will evolve into my "project". Still it is a project in a sense. I have many things I'm going/have to do starting with injectors (which I have posted in another thread the full list of thingd to be done. Please feel free if you want to look and see maybe even input your knowledge.) But hopefully I will be able to learn from everyone in here and maybe even I could teach a thing or two myself. I worked as an electrician for a long time and I'm currently in training as a detroit diesel technician. I've always tinkered since I was in diapers so I'm at home under a truck fixing and making it work again.

To spare your reading strain I will cap it off haha have a good evening and enjoy your day. I'm going to bed.
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