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hand throttle

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Anyone figure out a way to put a hand throttle on these beasts yet? I had one on my Jeep and it was great for 4 wheeling. Set it to 1200 RPM and it would crawl through anything without stalling. I cant figure out how to put one on these since there is no throttle linkage (drive by wire system).
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You'll have to do some wiring splicing.

Check out this artical;

The 2005s have an easy elevated idle mod that you may be able to use. The elevated idle will set the RPMs at 1200 rpms, but won't engage if the truck is moving or the service brake is being applied. So this mod won't be useful unless you can bypass all the lockouts. But it works great for combating wet stacking. Check out the Ford upfitters guide for more info:
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