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Hard Blok water jacket filler

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I am slowly piecing my 7.3 back together from a scored rear cylinder, that dumped diesel into my oil, so far I have a fresh .020 block and a turbo reciprocating assembly, that I still have to massage and assemble, I wonder if I fill the coolant passages half way with Hard Blok filler after I done the boring and honing, will it be an issue? Why did I wait till now to think of this???:icon_rolleyes:
always happens this way. since these engines are a little thin I don't see any problems doing this. anyone else thought of this? also anyone have a good set of bare casting heads?
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If your doing boring better do sleeves too..........
Yeah, no kiddin', I'm surprised the shop even punched that block out. They must not be too familiar with the 7.3 IDI. We had one years ago that was bored out and that motor died in 30K from stress cracking at the top near the deck.
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