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Hard Blok water jacket filler

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I am slowly piecing my 7.3 back together from a scored rear cylinder, that dumped diesel into my oil, so far I have a fresh .020 block and a turbo reciprocating assembly, that I still have to massage and assemble, I wonder if I fill the coolant passages half way with Hard Blok filler after I done the boring and honing, will it be an issue? Why did I wait till now to think of this???:icon_rolleyes:
always happens this way. since these engines are a little thin I don't see any problems doing this. anyone else thought of this? also anyone have a good set of bare casting heads?
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I'll third the opinion that it will overheat. If you figure on filling 50%, that doesn't leave much cylinder wall to coolant passage surface area to evacuate heat out of the cylinders. An 1/8" coating on the cylinder walls would be nice in theory, but again, you would completely remove any heatsinking abilities from the cylinders to the coolant. I agree with icanfixall- put it back together, and pray for the best the way it is.
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