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Hard Blok water jacket filler

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I am slowly piecing my 7.3 back together from a scored rear cylinder, that dumped diesel into my oil, so far I have a fresh .020 block and a turbo reciprocating assembly, that I still have to massage and assemble, I wonder if I fill the coolant passages half way with Hard Blok filler after I done the boring and honing, will it be an issue? Why did I wait till now to think of this???:icon_rolleyes:
always happens this way. since these engines are a little thin I don't see any problems doing this. anyone else thought of this? also anyone have a good set of bare casting heads?
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The area this would work the best is the top portion of the cylinder. Thats where the most wall flexing takes place just after combustion. Not the lower section of the cylinder. Just run a good coolant and if it doesn't have the SCA in it add that. I dought you will ever have a problem with the cavation issue if you run Evans Waterless coolant. Its expensive but it works.
Ok... Filling the block to a level 1/8th inch below the heads is really stretching the believeability issues. I would need to see this done and see it driving while towing a load up a grade in the summer.... I just can't see a filled block cooling enough. I am interseted though.. This reminds me of the Slick 50 adds. Run without the drain plug in place and not hurt the motor after slick 50 installed and drained out.:nono:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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