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Have an odd one. I'm thinking I might have gotten some bad fuel but don't really know for sure.
I filled up saturday night. Sunday temps were around zero deg F all day with windchills approaching 25 below. Truck was plugged in for for first start of the day and I hit a few places in town with no trouble whatsoever, even after sitting for a couple hours. Took off and drove about 75 miles to see some family and the truck sat a half hour, started normally and drove another 15 miles to a restaurant.
When I went to leave it took 7 or 8 long cranks, to get the truck to start. It turned over easy enough, oil pressure even came up before it started, but no fire. When it finally lit up, it idled normally, but the check engine light stayed on. All gauges read normal, and the truck drove fine. It did blow white smoke under moderate throttle, but not while cruising once it warmed up. It has been blowing smoke in low temperatures all winter under hard throttle so I wasn't too worried about that.

Since I was 90 miles from home and the dealer I use, I opted to not shut it down again until I got home, so it sat with the idle bumped up for over 2 hours.Didn't smoke or do anything out of the ordinary. Driving home I had similar performance, a little smoke under load but all gauges normal and good driveability. It was negative 1 F, at this point with 30 mph winds.

At home, I shut it off and started it again, and it started normally but the light stayed on. So I plugged it in and left it for the night.

I'm superintendant on a construction site 30 miles away so I needed my truck and the tools in it and opted to go ahead and drive it today. Started easily, CEL stayed on, and normal driving with a fair amount of white smoke under load. Still hovering around zero.

I had to run around a few places and on the 3rd start of the day (not plugged in and sat for about 3 hrs), it fired up and the CEL light went out. Drove normally the rest of the day, can still get smoke on hard throttle but maybe not as bad as it had been.

Any idea what would cause a CEL light that goes away by itself? Any problems I should be looking for now?

I drained the HFCM tonight, and checked the front filter (not black). They've only been in there for 7 months and about 10,000 miles. Probably change them next week anyhow. Does not look like its using any coolant, but I will keep a close eye on that. Oil is fine, not using any, and only has 3000 miles on it. I use powerservice supplement (white bottle) in every tank.

Anybody have anything similar happen?
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