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Hard start and codes after replacing CPS

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My EX began having problems while away on vacation 2 weeks ago. Threw codes for the Cam position sensor and would smoke like crazy before cutting out. When unplugging and checking the CPS I noticed water in the connector which wasn't a major surprise as the week required some water crossings.

So replaced the sensor as the truck continued to have issues and throw codes on the drive home. I was only able to get a hold of the Grey Standard sensor. Since replacing the sensor I have had an intermittent miss while cruising and a hard start issue which seems like dead batteries so I pulled cleaned and re tightened all battery connections, pulled and checked the starter and connections and load tested the batteries. I am also showing 2 persistent codes a P1670 and P0603 which I have never seen before. Any thought or ideas? Related to the CPS? bad sensor?
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check the pigtail as well for water and or poor connections, insulation, etc.
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