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hard start, long crank, no smoke

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I've been having some troubles starting my rig lately. It starts, but cranks for much longer than it should. Temps have been about 20 degrees, and I have not had it plugged in. Batteries are brand new within 1 month. Truck cranks over much faster than it ever did prior to the new batteries, so I don't think that is the problem (I forgot to check the cranking rpms. I'll check that next time, but I am sure it is fast enough). I have checked the glow plug relay as per the post by KLH, and it is working. Fuel filter changed within 1000 miles. Stanadyne added at every fuel-up.

From what I have read on here, it seems that since I am getting no smoke on startup after long cranking, then I am not getting fuel to the cylinders. Is that a correct assumption?

Assuming I am not getting enough fuel, what are some of the possible causes?

My best guess is my oil is too thick in the hpop and not letting the injectors work correctly. I am running Delo 15w40 dino. I don't have much over 1000 miles since the last change, so I don't really want to change it now unless that is definitely the problem.

Do you guys think it is the oil weight, or something else? Any other tests I can do without a scanner?
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temps in 20's that oil is fine.
no smoke does indicate no fuel is being injected.
if you have clean fuel filter and good fuel than i would suspect icp is slow making it to required 500 psi. One quick test would be to unplug the ICP connector and check it for oil inside connection and also try to start it with ICP unplugged. If starts right up then ICP is bad.
You could have low ICP also from leaking or stuck IPR as well as o rings leaking on injector or two. A scanner can tell us the ICP while cranking and see if hitting 500 psi
The drain problem was on the 95 OBS engines more than the newer ones. The IPR can cause starting problems if not sealing when oil is cold.
Ipr can also cause surging problems when driving.
Bad IPR o rings can cause hot start problems
Bad injector poppet valves can cause hard start cold
A scanner can tell us what is going on quickly.
You can also hook a high PSI gauge to the HPOP and eliminate the heads to see where the leak is if you have a leak in the HPOP system.
Again a scanner is important to put you in the right direction.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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