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Hard Start....No power

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I have a 1996 F350 Crewcab Powerstroke. I just had the injector o-rings replaced,glow plugs, turbo,and cam position sensor. Truck ran good for about 1 month. The truck lost power while hauling a load of trash on a hill. The truck is hard starting and barely revs up. After running for awhile it will move but then losses all power and cuts off. The RPMS won't increase even with the pedal on the floor. I know I have transmission issues but this seams to be all engine related. I know little about diesels. I was going to buy a remanufactured engine but I figured I would inquire in case it something I can get fixed before going the new engine route.
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I have the obd11 handheld analyzer. It showed no codes. The check engine light does not come on. I removed the clamp from the downpipe and started the truck. I drove it around, it still was slow to increase RPM but it is definantly way better. I believe that the cat is clogged completely. Now what to do? Can I run it without a cat? If so where do I get a piece of filler exhaust pipe? Should I remove the cat and gut it out and replace? Or should I get a new cat?

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I removed my cat when I upgraded my downpipe and used a piece of race pipe in its place. Whether or not its legal depends on your state and local regulations. Some have just gutted the cat and leave it in place.
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