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Hard Starting

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Hi guys,

I've been trying to diagnose hard starting with my truck for the past few weeks. Changed the glow plugs to Motorcraft ZD9's (there were Autolites in there). Load tested the batteries, replaced a leaky fuel line.

Seems to start fine after its been running, but after it sits for a few hours becomes hard to start. I'm sure its not a glow plug problem as they are brand new and the relay appears relatively new.

There appears to be a small leak in the fuel return line - I'm now wondering if it's sucking air while trying to start?

Any advice would be much appreciated! :thumbsup:
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If you disturbed any fuel lines or return line caps......most likely you induced another leak. Fuel will drain off the IP and filter which causes hard starts if there is an air leak

Read....... Ford diesel 6.9 7.3 IDI read about the clear line test and air entry points....... if you do the clear line test put a verticle loop in the line(s) ... pig tail loop.

Is the starter cranking the engine faster than you can count engine rotations......

PM on the way to you........
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