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I just got this retired ambulance and it always takes at least 2 tries to get the engine started for the first time of the day. Sometimes it will start on the first try after the engine is warm. The previous owner told me it was hard to start because the batteries were old but I replaced the batteries and it is still hard to start.

The first time I try to start the engine it usually cranks slowly. Usually the second time I try to start the van it cranks slowly then gradually speeds up. If it doesn’t start on the second try it usually starts right away on the third try.

I was thinking it might be an electrical problem because it usually cranks slow which I was thinking might mean that the starter isn’t getting enough power from the batteries. Some people have told me it might be air in the fuel or something. I don’t have very much experience with fixing cars but I want to get better at it and fix this myself if I can. I would appreciate some help with figuring out what the problem is.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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