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Hard To Start

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First of all let me start by saying thanks to everyone on here for all the patience and help.

I replaced the IPC sensor and pigtail sunday afternoon. Man what a butt whip that was. After I put everything back together and tried to start the truck it took 4 tries to start it. It would turn over just not start . It never did this before I change that part out. It would start on first try every time.

My question is this: I had to take the FICM off and completely unplug it. Does it take time for that module to reset it self or is there something I need to do? Once the truck starts it runs better than it did when I bought it.

Once again thanks for the help.
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The truck seems to run good after it starts. I drove to work yesterday on the highway for 25 miles at 70mph. It only has a quarter tank of gas in it, should I fill the tank and run it again?
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