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head upgrades

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anything that can be done to improve heads for 03 while they are off such as valves, port work, rockers and so on. Figured I would have them freshened up and thought maybe something could be done to improve performance or reliability as well
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Hardened seats. So far no one has posted flow numbers to indicate that porting will really make much of a benefit. Also remember that right before the head is a intake manifold that is very restrictive. Porting the heads isn't going to get you very far with out somthing like the gogo intake.
Exactly what I was talking about. It also comes with a built in egr delete and coolant reroute eliminating coolant from the intake all together. As for in creases? It has been said that 200* degrees were lost as well as better throttle response and very noticable difference in the higher rpm range. This all on a stock truck with tuning only. Factor the power max and it should get even better. The cost of the intake is about the same as a inter cooler and delivers the same gains in egt drop plus more airflow.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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