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Headlight switch??

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Hey yall new to the forum. Ive been on a few others but decided to join this one too. ANyways, my 96 f350 has the high beam light indicator go on when i turn my low beams on. Its not fully illuminated but enough to see it. Is my headlight switch bad? What could cause this? When I push the knob in to the runnin/parking lights the light goes away.
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This is caused by at least one bad headlight ground. The current backfeeds through the bulbs' high-beam filaments (which don't get hot enough to glow) and then to the dash indicator. The grounds are the same as shown in this diagram:

Was the truck ever wrecked? Is there battery acid damage on the core support? Any aftermarket wiring mods, like a big bumper, lights, winch...? Has it spent much time near the coast exposed to salt? More information in your profile & signature would be helpful.

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You're wasting money. The headlight switch does NOT connect the high & low circuits, so it can't possibly cause this. Fix the grounds to the core support.
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