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Headlight switch??

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Hey yall new to the forum. Ive been on a few others but decided to join this one too. ANyways, my 96 f350 has the high beam light indicator go on when i turn my low beams on. Its not fully illuminated but enough to see it. Is my headlight switch bad? What could cause this? When I push the knob in to the runnin/parking lights the light goes away.
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Does the indicator light up normally, and do the high beams come on normally, when you switch to high beams? I would think the beam switch contacts within the multifunction swich would be the more likely culprit.
If the aftermarket headlights are higher power than stock, you should consider a headlight relay harness. The full current of the headlights goes through the headlight switch and the beam switch, and the headlight switch especially is under-engineered. Pushing even more current through it is, er, not optimal.
^^^^^ +1; generally, "I'm gonna replace...." should never come before "I'm gonna test/check....." or "I'm gonna inspect.....".
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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