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Headlights blinking

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New user here, I have a 93 F250 with the 7.3 engine and my son (darkson) has a 83 F250 with the 6.9 engine we got last year and have been restoring it. Thanks to these forums, darkson, has been able to add a Tach to his truck and many other repairs and improvements.
Here's the question, We've replaced the original headlights with the halogen lights (silver star) few months ago. Lately his headlights have started to flicker and blink after being on 10-15 minutes. Not good when driving winding country roads at night, or any other time for that matter. We've replaced the high beam foot switch to no effect. Any other Ideas?
Alternator has been replaced along with many other parts.
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Replace the main head light switch on the dash. There is a circuit breaker in the switch. Also check for a melted connector at the head light switch and replace both the connector and switch.
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