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Heater blower AC

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1995 F250 Diesel. Fuse is good. Blower motor does not come on, any ideas?
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Have you checked to see if it runs on high? A blown resistor will take out all low speeds except high. I would start by putting a voltmeter on the lead to the blower. If you have voltage, the blower motor is bad. If you don't, you'll need to work your way backwards.
Can always feed the motor power and see what happens.

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Look at the fuse block.

Pull the motor out & see if it spins smoothly by hand. Wash & brush all the dust & lint off the wheel, and shoot some oil into the motor so it can soak into the bearing at one end for a few hours, then flip it & do the other. While it's out, vacuum out the evaporator fins & the resistor.

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