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Hello From Central Missouri

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Just picked up an 07 F-250 Lariat FX4 Crew Cab Longbed 6.0. So far I really like the truck. It has 125,000 miles on it and near as I can tell has been kept pretty clean. It already has the Banks High Ram System and a Draw Tite 30k gooseneck ball installed. I am waiting on the title so I can maybe find the previous owner and give them a call to see if I can get some info on the truck.
In the mean time time, is there anything in particular I need to look for? I have been involved on several different forums for my 300C and our Avalanche. Have always good luck on there finding info and meeting some great folks.

Also I am retired Air Force after 22 yrs of service and now work back on base as a civilian contractor
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