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Hello from the Great Basin!

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Actually, the edge of the Basin, north of Reno in California.
We just traded wife's 04 Duramax 2500 for an 08 F-350cc/srw/4x4.
Not unhappy w/the Chebby at all, but I like the roominess of the SD along with the increased load capacity of the F-350. She liked the 0% finance :lol:

And it was time for a new veh for her-160,000 miles (trouble free) which included alot of backroad horse/stock trailer pullin. If we get the same durability outta the SD we will be verry happy.

I've lurked here awhile as my ride is an 03 7.3 flatbed, which has a economy/tow chip, exhaust, and the AIS intake.
Since I have spent time on the Duramax sites, I have found the other sites relating to diesel p/u folks have pretty much the same gripes; mileage, cost, poor engineering/design, (why a 40000.00 truck has no zerks baffles me :sneaky:..) and brand specific beefs whether it is Ford's radiator leak, Chevy's pump rub, Dodge's brakes etc. But basically I have found they are all good vehicles. Take care of em and they will last a good long while.

Thanks for having me here. There is a ton of good info, and I appreciate all the input on this outfit.

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