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help 7.3 want start just put used engine in truck last week fuel bowl not filling

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i have a 1996 ford f350 dually 7.3 had to get a used engine the engine i got only has 108,000 miles my mechanic put a new water pump ,fuel pump ,resealed oil pan and dip stick odered a remain idm from davie florida on ebay and the truck ran 15 min then shut off now it will try and crank but want fire we have 2 new batteries:sick: still will not crank up i called idm people at computer exchange and they sending me a new idm does the idm control the fuel bowl filling up?becuase the fuel bowl is not filling up when u turn key that why we put a new fuel punmp on it and new crank censor checked all fuses all checked out it there any thing other than idm that controles the fuel bowl filling up or it not getting fuel it there another computer for a 1996 ford f350 other than idm?:sick: this has been a real night mare all i can think about is this truck cranking up and going again !please help i bought a used engine for this truck with only 108,000 miles now my mechanice has it running now it want start i changed the fuel pump on her and idm got the idm on ebay from davie florida for 150 dollars i dont no if it a bad idm so im haveing them send another one me or my mechanic dont no what else to do he dont have a computer scanner and the check engine light isnt on how many computers does this 1996 ford f350 7.3 dually 2 wheel drive 4 door truck have? do u think it something other than idm ?when we crank it it turn over but just dont FIRE UP ! we also put new glow plug timmer on it and also crank sensor and 2 new batteries and drained the fuel and fresh fuel when u try o crank it the fuel bowl is not filling up that why we put new fuel pump even with new fuel pump fuel bowl still not filling up we pored fuel in it and it crank and run till fuel was gone does something other than idm control that ?

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Your post is very hard to understand,

but the fuel pump is completly mechanical, there is no computer that controls the fuel bowl filling up. Turning the key on or blown fuses does not matter.

The bowl fills up by the engine turning over, a lobe on the camshaft runs the pump. The only way the bowl will fill up is if the engine is turning over. Turning the key to the on position does nothing to fill the bowl up.

If the truck runs when you manually fill the fuel bowl up till it runs dry, it doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with the engine. It sounds simply like you are not getting fuel from the tanks.

Could be the hoses were reattached incorrectly on the fuel pump/bowl, tank selector switch issue, restriction in the lines, empty fuel tank,
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