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Help! Blown Fuse, Windows & Instrument Panel

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All was normal....backed into driveway, went to roll up windows and nothing, looked down and no instrument panel power either. #35 fuse blown. Instantly blows another fuse when trying new one (used 5A just in case).

I need the wiring diagram for that circuit if anyone has a pdf or a link.

Or has anyone else seen this? I suspect a bad pwr window switch somewhere.

Just got started so thought I'd post up to see what you all know. I hate finding shorts in elec systems. What a PIA.


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After a quick google of #35 problems led me to pull off the steering column cover. I did find a worn spot on the O/D Del wires where they run across the column to the harness. Problem is that it did not wear through the wire casing to bare wire. But the fuse is holding now? what gives? I did not fix anything so it will come back. I did put some extra heat shrink over the harness to help with the chaffing. Still looking for the wiring diagram if anyone has it.
Thanks for the reply.

I will admit that I did this last night with poor lighting...not to mention eyes that do not work like they used to for small details.:icon_rolleyes:

I ran through this and it fits when the problem started. I had just released the tilt wheel up and that is when the fuse popped. I left that out of the original description. It is habit so I did not think about it then.

I hope this holds up. I think I will get a new shifter with harness if it happens again. Or solder in a new wire where I saw the chaffing.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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