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Would like some help with this VIN # equipment etc.........

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Here is the VIN Duh,
1FTWW33F81EB68127, I'm a littlt distracted

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Thu posted something similar to the following for the Y2K model year only. Here's the 2001 version. ( I edited thu's post to save myself a lot of typing! )

Group 1: World Manufacturer Identifier
Group 2: Brake Type and GVWR
Group 3: Vehicle Line, Series, Body Type
Group 4: Engine Type
Group 5: Check Digit
Group 6: Model Year
Group 7: Assembly Plant
Group 8: Production Sequence Number

Group 1..positions 1-3 - World Manufacturer Code

1FM - FMC, USA, multi-purpose vehicle
1FT - FMC, USA, truck, completed vehicle
1FD - FMC, USA, incomplete vehicle
1FC - FMC, USA, basic (stripped) chassis
1FB - FMC, USA, basic (stripped) chassis BUS

2FM - FMC, Canada, multi-purpose vehicle
2FT - FMC, Canada, truck, completed vehicle
2FD - FMC, Canada, incomplete vehicle
2FC - FMC, Canada, basic (stripped) chassis
2FB - FMC, Canada, basic (stripped) chassis BUS

3FC - FMC, Mexico, basic (stripped) chassis
3FE - FMC, Mexico, incomplete vehicle
3FM - FMC, Mexico, multi-purpose vehicle
3FT - FMC, Mexico, truck, completed vehicle

Group 2.....Brake Type and GVWR POSITION 4

Don't worry about the codes - you know if you have air brakes, and whether you have an F-250 or an F-550.

Group 3.... Vehicle Line, Series, Body Type - positions 5, 6, 7

F20 - F250 RC 4x2
X20 - F250 SC 4x2
W20 - F250 CC 4x2
F21 - F250 RC 4x4
X21 - F250 SC 4x4
W21 - F250 CC 4x4
F30 - F350 RC 4x2 SRW
X30 - F350 SC 4x2 SRW
W30 - F350 CC 4x2 SRW
F31 - F350 RC 4x4 SRW
X31 - F350 SC 4x4 SRW
W31 - F350 CC 4x4 SRW
F32 - F350 RC 4x2 DRW
X32 - F350 SC 4x2 DRW
W32 - F350 CC 4x2 DRW
F33 - F350 RC 4x4 DRW
X33 - F350 SC 4x4 DRW
W33 - F350 CC 4x4 DRW
F34 - F350 RC (chassis cab) 4x2 SRW
X34 - F350 SC (chassis cab) 4x2 SRW
W34 - F350 CC (chassis cab) 4x2 SRW
F35 - F350 RC (chassis cab) 4x4 SRW
X35 - F350 SC (chassis cab) 4x4 SRW
W35 - F350 CC (chassis cab) 4x4 SRW
F36 - F350 RC (chassis cab) 4x2 DRW
X36 - F350 SC (chassis cab) 4x2 DRW
W36 - F350 CC (chassis cab) 4x2 DRW
F37 - F350 RC (chassis cab) 4x4 DRW
X37 - F350 SC (chassis cab) 4x4 DRW
W37 - F350 CC (chassis cab) 4x4 DRW
.... I'll skip the F450 and F550 series
U40 - Excursion XLT, 4x2
U41 - Excursion XLT, 4x4
U42 - Excursion Limited, 4x2
U43 - Excursion Limited, 4x4
F53 - Recreational stripped chassis (motorhome)

Group 4....Engine Code - position 8

A,Z,L - 5.4L Modular, SOHC, EFI, V8,
S - 6.8L SOHC, EFI, v10,
6 - 7.3L, OHV, DI Turbo, V8, Diesel F-Series/Excursion in F-650/F-750
(no listing for 7.3 in a pickup)

Group 5....check digit

Group 6....Model Year Code - position 10

X = 1999
Y = 2000
1 = 2001

Group 7....Assembly Plant - position 11

E - Kentucky Truck (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
M - Cuautitlan (Cuautitlan, Mexico)

Group 8....Serial Number - position 12 - 17

Example (not your truck - you can do it yourself.
IFT S W31 F 9 1 E B75718
1FT = FMC, USA, truck, completed vehicle
S = F=350 SRW
W31 = F-350 SuperCab 4x4

F = unlisted engine code = apparently a PSD since the other engines are listed.

9 = check digit

1 = model year 2001

E = assembly plant = Kentucky Truck

B75718 = serial number

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Cochise here. Smokey's got you covered on the VIN#, did you get a build date?

When you and I were talking it was all up in the air as to weather your Dealer would be able to deliver.

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Seem to have gotten things worked out on the truck, I ended up having them locate one for me in the southeast the way I wanted it all except for the two tone paint.So I am supossed to pick it up on wed.So we'll see if they can deliver it the way we have agreed. I would rather have ordered it but hey what the heck the price is right I believe they are trying to make up for dropping the ball in the first place with the order......I would wait but I need the truck for a trip in the middle of April to Upstate New York. So we will see how it turns out next week, so, for now it's off to Savannah for the St.Patricks Day festivities.
Hope all have a great weekend....

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Cochise here. So, they still never got a build date on the unit you ordered?

Glad all seems to be working out, you just never know!

Keep us informed.

Cochise Fleet Sales Mgr. Legends & Leaders Platinum Member
Lone Star Ford ph 281.931.3310 fx 281.878.4267 [email protected]
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