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HELP! My truck is cutting out

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I have an 07 F-250 6.0. I went to drive it yesterday and it started to cut out when the engine was warm. What could this possibly be? I just changed the fuel filters 1000 miles ago and it's not throwing any codes.
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The way to check the accelerator pedal assembly is when it's starting to cut out on you, put it in cruise and see if the problem continues. Cruise control takes the pedal out of the picture.
If it still cuts out, then the problem is somewhere else. One check is to pull the wiring connector off the ICP sensor and look for oil in the sensor. It will run without the ICP sensor connected, but will light the check engine light. If it runs better disconnected or there's oil in the sensor it needs to be replaced.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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