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Help Needed

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Hey fellas,
I'm pretty new here, and was curious as to what ya'll might reccomend. I have a 2001 F-350 SRW 4x4 with AFE Stage II, and that's about all performance wise I have done to it, and I feel it is time to get a programmer, or a chip. I was wondering what ya'll might recommend I am thinking about the Edge Juice w/ the attitude monitor (i like the idea of having in cab control plus the gauges) or should i go with one of the 6 pos chips if so what would ya'll reccomend. The truck is a daily driver. I do a good bit of towing with it also (mostly a 19' bass boat). Plus I would like to be able to smoke a Hemi everynow and then. Ya'lls help would be greatly appreciated.
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First off, welcome to TDS!

Second, congrats on the AFE II.

Third, open up the exhaust & get gauges.

Fourth, a 19' bass boat ain't towing with your truck. You could tow the Hemi towing the boat and still smoke the Hemi with the right mods and enough $$, but I digress.

Check out the DP-Tuner link in my sig. He can set you up with a simple PCM re-tune, an SCT tuner w/ standard to wild, custom tunes, or a 6-position chip. That really should be the first on the list, but diplomacy still has it's place.

I've got an 80hp PMT1 PCM with which I daily drive and have towed (regularly) anywhere from 2.5K to 8K #'s with never less than 16 mpg and a hwy best (empty) of 21.3mpg.

BTW, you'll soon want to sell the boat in order to buy more goodies for your truck!


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