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Help Needed

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Hey fellas,
I'm pretty new here, and was curious as to what ya'll might reccomend. I have a 2001 F-350 SRW 4x4 with AFE Stage II, and that's about all performance wise I have done to it, and I feel it is time to get a programmer, or a chip. I was wondering what ya'll might recommend I am thinking about the Edge Juice w/ the attitude monitor (i like the idea of having in cab control plus the gauges) or should i go with one of the 6 pos chips if so what would ya'll reccomend. The truck is a daily driver. I do a good bit of towing with it also (mostly a 19' bass boat). Plus I would like to be able to smoke a Hemi everynow and then. Ya'lls help would be greatly appreciated.
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I would say if you are debating a chip or a programmer look at it this way. The programmer will not give you on the fly changes. So if you are set on your "hot" program and you want to hook up to something heavier than your boat you will have to hook up the programmer and change it, but with a chip it is just as easy as turning up or down the radio. Plus as stated either a DI or a DP chip will out run a programmer any day. just my $.02.
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