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Okay, brought the drive shaft to a driveline shop and they don't see anything wrong. They said the hanger bearing is like new and the diveshaft is not out of balance. Four new tires, three new u-joints, new torque converter. Now remember from previous posts that you can fill it from about 35-50mph witjout a load and with my utility trailer from about 20-55 mph. What else can it be? I am on the verge of trading it in just to get rid of the problem. Please any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance.
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Just wag here...Take alook at the balance weights on the rims....How many separate weights do you have on each rim...Out side & inside...

When I got my truck it rode TERRIBLE..I pulled the hub caps & took a look at the weights. I some places where they needed 3.5 oz, the installers had used 3-4 separate weights ,sread out over 4 or 5 inches.The correct proceedure would be (1) 3.5 oz weight, which they obviously did not have so they thought many would do the same thing. I took all the weights off untill I had a chance to balance them myself & the ride was remarkably improved with no weights. If you have bigger tires, you need to have them balanced at a place that is used to doing big tires....

Mine shook so bad the speedometer didn't work right....

[/ QUOTE ]

Agreed...A lot of times Vibrations are caused simple by a tire thats not balanced correctly or a tire that has too much "road force." Actually went through this myself a couple years ago...Brand new 35" BFG A/Ts truck shook like a mo-fo between 60-70 mph. Had it balanced THREE times before it was right. Ended up have a place that knew what they were doing put a DYNAMIC balance on the wheels (weights on inside AND outside of wheel).
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