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HELP! Truck Started Running Rough This Morning

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Ok, today I started by truck up and it runs rough. And my engine light comes on. I went by auto zone and there code scanner doesn't come up with anything. There is a sweet spot at like 50 or so, and it will run normal. I am going to swing by advance in a bit and see if there scanner comes up with anything. I have read a little about the connector under the valve cover coming loose. Were should I start first. I need to get it running right asap, as it is my daily driver. Oh and its a 02 f250 with the 7.3l.
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You need special scanner to pull codes off Powerstroke.
You could pull off oil fill cap and smell in the valve cover for burnt wires. If you smell burnt wires then you have burnt harness. even if no smell you could have loose connector under valve cover
Most here including myself use Autoenginuity on Laptop.
Here is a thread on scanners
yes, some tuners can pull codes as well. I am not sure which ones
Well, I ended up doing he quarter trick. It worked great. Truck runs great now.
Great news, and think how much it would of cost you at a dealer
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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