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HELP! Truck Started Running Rough This Morning

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Ok, today I started by truck up and it runs rough. And my engine light comes on. I went by auto zone and there code scanner doesn't come up with anything. There is a sweet spot at like 50 or so, and it will run normal. I am going to swing by advance in a bit and see if there scanner comes up with anything. I have read a little about the connector under the valve cover coming loose. Were should I start first. I need to get it running right asap, as it is my daily driver. Oh and its a 02 f250 with the 7.3l.
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Were do I get this special scanner? Can I get it locally?
Ok, I am off to pick up a superchips flashpaq right now. Its about an hour from me so I will be back to test it in a couple hours, I will post up whatever code(s) come up. Anything else I should pick up while I am out? I have a good feeling its going to be those UVC connections. Thanks for the help.
Ok, I just tried to go get the plug. And my truck started running even worse, big loss of power, and at times sounded like it was going to stall out. I only made it about a mile and I limped back home. My buddy is gonna take me to get the tuner. I will keep you guys posted.
I am located in clermont, fl. But I just got back with the tuner. And it only has one code p1316. Which I guess is associated with the under the valve cover harness. So should I go ahead and pull the driver side valve cover and have a look? Is there anything I should do before that?

No international dealers close. I am pulling the drivers side valve cover now. Hopefully it is that side. Were else could I get a new gasket? The gasket comes with the clips? Could I get it at autozone or napa? If not there is a ford dealership close. Would any of those places have it in stock? Also is there anything wrong with running the truck with the valve cover off to test if it worked or not? Obviously I would have to leave the boost tube off to. Let me know what you think.
Ya, its gonna be a long night. You mean like zip tie or wire it together? I got everything out of the way now, I am fixing to start pulling the valve cover bolts.
What do you mean supervising?
Ok, good news, the plug was out like 3/16 of an inch. So hopefully that will be it.
Oh, no. I am here alone. I have an motorcycle/atv parts business. So I have a computer in the shop. My truck is like 10ft from me now as I type. Only thing is my key board is covered in grease. Well I just started it up with the valve cover off and it runs great. So I will zip tie it down, and put it back together. I guess the one good thing is now I have a tuner to play with.
Well, I ended up doing he quarter trick. It worked great. Truck runs great now.
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