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HELP! Truck Started Running Rough This Morning

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Ok, today I started by truck up and it runs rough. And my engine light comes on. I went by auto zone and there code scanner doesn't come up with anything. There is a sweet spot at like 50 or so, and it will run normal. I am going to swing by advance in a bit and see if there scanner comes up with anything. I have read a little about the connector under the valve cover coming loose. Were should I start first. I need to get it running right asap, as it is my daily driver. Oh and its a 02 f250 with the 7.3l.
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You could ohm out your glow plugs at the 9 wire plug on the valve cover. This would give you a good idea whether or not the uvc came partially unplugged. When you get the tuner read the codes and record. Then clear and see which ones come back.
The 1316 means there are codes stored in the idm and would have to do a buzz test to retrieve. Usually this is caused by a uvc that is unplugged. I would ohm out the glow plugs while I had it apart. What makes you think it is the drivers side? That side is definitely the easiest to do. Some of the bolts in the back are hard to get to. Might need 1/4 ratchet and various swivels. Might want to get a new valve cover gasket it has the updated clip that is not suppose to come unplugged. They also sell clips that you can put in to keep it from coming unplugged. If you have an international dealer close that would probably be your best bet for the gasket. Good luck.........
Wow, you are doing some late night work if you are in Fl. You can run the engine with it off but if it is unplugged I don't know if I would bother. You can also tie wrap the clip. You'll see when you get it all apart.
Zip tie under the clips at the connector. Just make sure they can't move and allow it to come loose again. Are you supervising?
Just thought you might have a buddy helping. You are good at multi-tasking being on the computer and working..........
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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