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Have a 2015 F-250 Full Delete at 1200 Miles.

Went NO limit, with 5" W/Muffler and CAI., Vent Re-route.

Have a SCT X4 with KEM tunes and it keeps throwing Codes. Also have Edge Insight for Gauges, hooked up. Just went with the Street (Mild) tune.

Codes are as follows, P160A, P04DB, P06B8, P0000. Have these everytime I start the damn truck. I have to clear them with the Edge whenever I start the truck.

I loaded the tunes correctly (Load Me first, then tunes). Truck runs great, just have the codes everyday.

Tuner had me re-plug the crankcase sensor back in, thinking that would cure the codes. NOPE.

Ive tried everything, returned to stock and re-tune with no luck. Yes, Im using the Delete tunes also.

I've talked to a bunch of people that say, I shouldnt have any codes, but hell I've got 4. The P06B8 scares the crap out of me. I hope my PCM isnt cooked. The truck only has 5200 miles on it now. SO, I've had the codes every since I deleted.

Any help would be very appreciative.

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You can look up the codes here

Might give you some insight into what they are saying

The P06B8 in a non-volitale ram (memory) error in the Transmission Control Module (TCM)

P06B8 - Internal Control Module Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) Error indicates
Permanent DTC check sum test failed

Hope you can find your problem. Wondering if you can put truck back stock and maybe have it checked at dealer and get help.

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I'd suggest asking NL to swap you tuning files. Maybe it's just the way those files are written. There are other options to use!!
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