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I have a 7.3 1996 F250 CC 4x4 shortbed and need help with lifting it. It currently has a ttb and a 3" lift on it. I'm running 35" tires now with no rubbing. I bought a Dana60 solid front axle to swap, and I want to get a total of 6" to 8" of lift so I can fit 37" tires.

I'm currently looking at:
Put in the Dana 60 solid axel
3" or 5" reverse shackle kit for front
6" shackle kit for rear, and keep/adjust my 3"blocks

I spoke with Sky's Offroad Design and they suggest a lot more than I anticipated to make this happen. They said to plan to spend $5k.

Can someone point me to a place to purchase the parts I will need, and speak with someone that knows what they are talking about?

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